Wedding videography

We know how to make beautiful wedding movies. A lot of satisfied customers who chose the quality of our Studio, rather than the lowest price, continue to recommend us to their relatives and friends. Hiring a videographer you can trust to be well prepared for your day will remove stress and allow you to be in the moment during your wedding. With TVC Studios, you’re getting an experienced team of professional videographers and photographers for your event.

You can find some ads onlie with very low prices for wedding videography, but what do you get in the end? A student comes with a plastic video camera and films everything handheld, without even thinking about how that scene fits in the wedding film.

The huge difference between us and other videographers is that we only shoot with hi-end digital cameras with interchangeable lenses, which give a movie look, as opposed to consumer video cameras that produce a flat image with strange colors. We work full time in wedding business, not just on weekends as lots of others do.


Professional and affordable. Cinematic love show in form of short film. Film Production Degree from Vancouver Film School. Your wedding video will be edited in chronological order (except premium package). The more gear we use, the more time is needed for video editing, but the quality rises to a completely different level.